Thursday, January 04, 2007

when bad things happen to good dogs.

miss sunshade the superdale posted info about the urban puppy shop in vancouver. i'm far away but i'm still burning mad. they neglected two dogs in their care and now refuse to help cover expenses and--surprise!--they sell puppies from puppy mills. you can read about shelby and morgan's ordeal here. they include tv clips about the shop and their negligence and arrogance.

since i'm far away and can't do much about this particular case, i'm going to steal a little piece of advice from miss sunshade about how to prevent this kind of thing from happening:

Adopt or get your puppy from a rescue association or reputable breeder - by buying from pet stores, you are supporting the puppy mill operation

and, for dog's sake, dogs are not commodities. never trust anyone who looks at dogs as wealth creating machines.

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preach on brother wally!!

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