Thursday, December 28, 2006

I ain't afraid of no tigers

Our camera is STILL missing and from this I can draw only one conclusion. The Auburn Whore-Eagles must be behind this. They have stolen the camera in order to prevent my mawma from posting more morale boosting pictures of me being dashing in my jersey. So here are some oldie but goodies of me in my Hoosker gear. We will not be intimidated, whore-eagles. Three days to the Cotton Bowl!

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Blogger Freda said...

Hey wallys,

What kinda of games was that? I only got to hears the last one two one two (ten) minutes or so, but was tolds that the first halfs was good.

The Corn Heads need to go home and find a new recipe. Like the Cubbys, wait 'til next years.



10:21 PM  

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