Sunday, December 24, 2006

the case of the missing camera.

we have a problem! my mawma can't find our camera and, thus, can't take pictures of my lovely mug! can you even believe it? this is a picture of me looking forlorn last week but it applies now. not only will everyone have a rotten christmas (being unable to see new pictures of ME) but my mawma said she wants to wait to give me my presents when we can take pictures! WHAT??? i know there is a loofah dog waiting for me on top of the fridge, a big bone in the freezer, and a hedghog on the shelf (they're not so good at hiding. i'm short, not stupid). this is what my mawma gets for "cleaning." does she have to spoil everyone's christmas?


Blogger Sunshade said...

Is the camera found??? I can't wait to see the Corgador chomping away on his X-mas pressies.

Ps. you don't look that pleased in the photo at all...

Love nibbles,
MIss Sunshade

4:07 AM  

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