Friday, December 22, 2006

k-9 to 5

yeah, i stole the title from the animal planet show (with the theme song: k-9 to 5, wally's going to WORK, sleeping like a log, k9 to 5!). but here's a nearly sad story about a workin' dog near my digs. she looks kinda like my sister, too so i was very worried:

(CBS 3) SMYRNA New Castle County police have found a police canine that disappeared Friday morning. Authorities said the light brown and black Belgian Malinois named ‘Zara’ when missing after her handler let her outside around midnight. Police said Zara is small and resembles a german shepherd. While she is generally friendly, she is also a a fully-trained police canine specializing in explosive detection. Zara was found harmed around 8:30 a.m., but further details were unknown.

this is why i choose to live the life of leisure. it's much safer.


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