Monday, March 05, 2007

strange apes.

This will come as a surprise to no one but my mawma is odd. She's weird in many ways, one of which is the fact that she likes to get me fuzzies of some of her favorite animals even though that means she is going to watch me pretend to kill fuzzies of her favorite animals. Sure, every once in awhile I get to kill a buffalo head (she has nothing against buffalo generally, just colorado buffalos) but most often she gets stuffies that look like things she likes! case in point:

this is the oddest--the corgi bungie! she loves corgis and yet she got me a toy shaped like a corgi for me to kill! here i'm wearing him as a fetching stole.

a stole that i can bite in the head!

grrrrrr..and his stretchiness makes him perfect for tugging games.

killed 'em! i worry about my crazy ape. i may have to consult my freud today to figure out the psychology of this. is this is some manifestation of a death drive? repressed rage? a very confused oedipal complex in which she delights in watching me kill my symbolic father (ie, my corgi half)? i have a sneaking suspicion the answer is simple. Diagnosis: crazy.

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Blogger Sophie Brador said...

We might having to start calling you Wally Freud. It sounds to be like you are on the threshold of a new break through in psycho-analytic theory. So much for Freudian slips. From now it, it will be Wallian slips!

12:05 PM  
Blogger Simon said...

I think it has to do with oral fixation. Was your mawma weened too early from her binky?
Poopbagger delights in singing songs to me about my beagle odors. I don't even want to reach into the psycho/social realms of her problems!

2:01 PM  
Blogger wally said...

Simon--oh my. My ape has similar, erm, issues. She loves to sing about my bottom and my poo. Hmm.

Sophie--I like to think of myself as Lacanian so I can say things in French like JOUISSANCE! (Which, I understand is what i experience when I have a good bully and a nice warm spot in the sun.)


8:53 PM  
Blogger Joe Stains said...

at least your mom is not buying doggy breath strips for gosh sakes!

9:22 PM  
Blogger Studly Dudley said...

I've given up trying to figure out why boomans do the things they do. As long as they give us things to destroy (so we do not destroy their belongings.. see: couch), things to eat (so we do not eat their belongings.. see: couch) and a place to sleep (i now sleep on said mutilated couch) I'm completely cool with their other motives as psychotic as they might be.


PS - I would like to chew your corgi with you! Perhaps we could meet in the middle?

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad dog but so cute. Really cute, wish I could have one just like him.

1:06 PM  
Blogger Coach Fred said...

Wait a minute. Is the dog our topic or the owner? Couldn't figure it out, I'm confused now.

1:09 PM  

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