Thursday, March 15, 2007

Mouth-to-Mouth with a Boodog

Not the end for CPR.

Yup, a boo-dog is in the news--man saves dog with mouth to mouth:

CHICAGO (Reuters) - If a dog is man's best friend, a disabled U.S. Air Force veteran showed the feeling is mutual by saving his drowning pet with mouth-to-snout resuscitation and CPR. Lucy, a 10-month-old English bulldog, chased ducks into a partly frozen lake near Randy Gurchin's home in Papillion, Nebraska, but quickly became paralyzed in the icy water and briefly went under.The 50-pound (23-kg) dog was unresponsive and had a blue face and bloody foam around its muzzle when Gurchin edged onto the ice. But Gurchin, 51, put his military first-aid training to use. He closed Lucy's mouth, put his mouth over her nose and started forcing air into her lungs and pushing on her chest.

Studly Dudley, I'd give boo-to-boo resuscitation. Preventive, even.



Blogger Studly Dudley said...

Anyone who would give CPR to a dog is truly a brave soul!! I mean, have you seen the strings of drool we can make?
Clearly we boo-dogs aren't the brightest of bears.. hence the chasing of ducks into a frozen pond - but I'm glad to know that you've got my back, Wally.

5:53 AM  

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