Tuesday, March 27, 2007


My pal Max-the-V is always telling me how preeeeeeeety my sister is, how looooooovely her long legs are and how niiiiiiiice she looks. So I thought I'd give Max a little of what he loves. A full centerfold of my sis.

Here she is watching one of her favorite TV shows, the Real Housewives of the OC. She is curious about the apes who stuff themselves with saline and botox. She is trying so hard to understand but I try to explain that it's not her, it just doesn't make any sense.

Here she is showing off how TALL she is. Standing upright she's almost as tall as my ma but that's not saying much, my ma has stumpy legs like me.

And, just for you Maxy, here she is getting ready to give you kisses...

Ethel and Maxy sittin' in a tree...

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Blogger Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

That face shot is SPECTACULAR!

Bussie Kissies

8:03 PM  
Blogger Maximillian the Valliant said...

Man I hate it when my original comment doesn't save.

Anyway, HUBA HUBA!! Ethel sure is a looker. Can you ask her she is inter shorter men? I mean for dates...not just for a brother?

Thanks for indulging me, bro.


7:03 PM  

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