Thursday, February 22, 2007

let the burpday begin!

wake up! rise and shine! it's my BURPDAY!!!!!

here i am, ready for the burpday extravaganza. i look cranky but that's because my breakfast of lox and raspberry cake is SO SLOW! pick up the pace, mawma! no, you don't need a cup of coffee first--i need my salmon!

yesterday i got a package. look what's inside! loads of peanuts! though, sadly, not the peanuts you can eat.

WHAT??!?! arf-ritis and ticker meds are no burpday present.'s some stuff underneath!

mmmmm...snacks. salmon pate. for the refined palate.

and i got two NEW stuffies to go along with my new hedgie from mr. joe stains!

i have to show this frog who's boss. also note my new stuffed seal. that's from my mawma who LOVES seals. she says sometimes i look like a blubbery seal but that's just because i'm real graceful in the water.

aaaaand....body slam! down goes the frog.

here we are eating bullies on monday. i'm pretending to have a cigar and ethel is pretending to care. we will have bullies again today! hoo-ray for burp-days!

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Blogger Boo said...


HAPPY BURFDAY! i know you get excited. and i know it's mine after yours! since my time is ahead of you, i'll be celebrating my barkday when you celebrate yours! :-)

wet wet licks


6:11 AM  
Blogger Maggie said...

I never had one of these bully sticks! I guess I need to tell mom about them! You're right about packing peanuts needing to be edible! They look like cheese curls, huh??!!

Love ya lots,

12:52 PM  
Blogger Joe Stains said...

wow, what great pressies! I like that seal!!

10:39 PM  

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