Wednesday, November 08, 2006

better this red than theirs!

congratulations to bernie sanders, america's first socialist senator, who ran virtually uncontested because he is vermont's most beloved politician (even more than dr. dean. who sends me an awful lot of e-mail). he captured 65% of the vote--almost as impressive as santorum's loss was pathetic.

how does a self-identified socialist (Congress calls him an independent) manage to win in this god-fearin', red-baitin' country? well, by putting the demos back in the democracy. my goodness what is he doing actually talking and listening to people about issues! this must stop. from the nation:

Sanders keeps issues of economics and corporate power on the table by using his Congressional franking privileges to send out newsletters that, rather than featuring self-serving photos and pronouncements, offer easily accessible tutorials on the damage done to workers, farmers and the environment by free-trade policies, the threat to democracy posed by media consolidation and the workings of a single-payer healthcare system. Every year, Sanders holds single-issue town hall meetings in some of the smallest communities in the state, where he brings in experts on poverty, healthcare reform and other issues for discussions that can run deep into the evening. The crowds are big, often packing the halls. People get to complain. But they also get something else--an alternative view on how the economy of the country and the world might be organized to favor their interests. This long-term, intensive education process is the closest thing to the "secret" of Sanders's success. Vermonters associate their Congressman with serious discussions about complicated issues, and they understand where he's coming from--and that allows Sanders to go places most politicians fear to tread.

on a side note, bernie would be a great name for a basset hound. and i would totally vote for a basset hound, too. go bernies!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A politico I truly admire. Hey Walls - we won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bussie Kissies

10:43 PM  
Blogger Sid the Dog said...

Bernie is a righteous dude. B's brother T who taught me to heel lives in Vermont. I've visited there and there are a LOT of squirrels which makes it one of my favorite places. Anyway, when I graduated from college with B and J in Idaho, Dirk Kempthorne who was a senator at the time spoke at our graduation and his speech was the most blow-dried, disingenuous, smarmy, self-righteous piece of junk ever. It was a relief when they wheeled out the old-time blowhard red-baiter J.R. Simplot to speak.

Stay with me here, there is a point to this tail...

...A few years later T graduated from college in Vermont and Bernie Sanders spoke at his graduation. His speech was genuine, moving, and above all REAL. You could tell he cared. He was humble. His victory in the Senate race gives me hope. Not for Socialism so much as for people (and dogs) who are the REAL DEAL making a difference.

10:56 PM  

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