Friday, November 03, 2006

the MuTT test

i got this link from ms. shelley jackson (a fantastic writer) on wall-o-weenie. when it said a MuTT test i though it was a test to determine if you belong to the greatest club on earth, the mutts! but actually it asks "what kind of a mutant are you?" and you can do a test to find out!

here is what my test said, i am shocked by how accurate it is (see highlighted bits). what kind of a mutant are YOU?


You and your twin are joined at the belly or chest; you share certain organs, including, possibly, your heart.

Like other people, you talk to yourself. Unusually, yourself talks back. You are in a life-long conversation with yourself, one so rich and scintillating that you are sometimes annoyed when other people try to get in on it—as of course they do, sensing that something interesting is being discussed. You can afford to rebuff them. You do not need them, you are your own best company. When you need comfort, you can snuggle up against yourself. When you need advice, you can give it. You could spend a lifetime locked in an embrace with yourself, smiling into your own eyes. You have found the perfect love. Your literary form is the sonnet.

You are related to...
Guadalupe y Josefina Hinojosa,
born in Havana, Cuba in 1912.


Blogger Sid the Dog said...

Dear Wally,
Your blog is usually my favorite. I'm not sure how I feel about it now that I have learned that I have a Craniopagis Parasite from your MuTT link. So I have an undeveloped conjoined twin attached to my head. I thought the only parasites I had were the ones I got from living in Montana. This is pretty weird. The link told me I had to read some sort of book. I think I'll dig out B's old copy of Geek Love instead...
I remain,
Sid The Dog

4:52 PM  
Blogger wally said...


sorry that your MuTT test didn't work out so well. i like mine because it seems to imply i ought to be eating for two! and since i already do that--it's time to eat for four!

funny, i was prescribed the same book. i think shelley jackson should give me a free copy for giving her free advertising, though dogs are not so good at buying books. hmm.

i've read geek love! but i've never been able to tell--how do you tell the freak naked apes from the "normal" ones?


6:44 PM  

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