Tuesday, March 07, 2006

chasing away some goddamn cats

it was brought to my attention that a goddamn cat was commenting on my blog.

to katya and your other feline friends, i refer you to one of my favorite books: cat spelled backwards doesn't spell god. i haven't read it but i think the title says it all.


Anonymous Katya said...

See, here's the problem Wally. Cats don't have any friends, feline or otherwise. We have hands and other pieces of property. They keep us warm and give us nice and luxurious scratches (when WE want them, of course).

So, you can have your "loyalty," your "God" spelled backwards, and the rest of your slave morality. Me, I'll take a nice warm lap, luxurious hands, and groups of naked apes cleaning up after me no matter when or where I happen to leave my messes.

7:58 PM  
Blogger wally said...

look, you may retain your fantasy of lockean possessive individualism. there are two beasts uncivilized enough to poop in the house, cats and naked apes. you have more in common with those beasts toward whom you claim indifference.

so, while you enjoy being the nihilistic last cat, i laugh as i become the uberhund.

8:41 AM  

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