Wednesday, March 01, 2006

my spiritual side

apparently, lenten abstinence has become more popular, especially among evangelical protestants who take their cues from mel gibson more and more these days. i've decided to participate even though we know all dogs go to heaven anyway. so yesterday i celebrated the very solemn religious tradition of fat tuesday in true wally style, getting a bag of my Very Expensive Dog Food off the table and eating it in one sitting. whew, it was quite a celebration that kept me (and my naked apes with me!) up all night, though that was really the gas. and for lent, i will give up vegetables. except for baby carrots and tomatoes (which are really fruit anyway). and i can't give up corn. or green beans. or spinach. so basically, no onions or iceberg lettuce for 40 days. and i will even show my commitment by eating EXTRA fish.

and can we have make every tuesday fat tuesday? i'm so holy.


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