Friday, March 03, 2006

obscenity on the internet

as if goodamn cats deserve any attention, now you're putting them on the internet and giving them their own word: goddamn catblogging?

The intro:

IN the vitriolic world of political Web logs, two polar extremes are Eschaton (, a liberal, often anti-Bush site with a passionate following, and Instapundit (, where an equally fervent readership goes for hearty praise of the Administration.

It would seem unlikely that the two blogs' authors could see eye-to-eye about anything. Yet Eschaton's Duncan Black (known as Atrios) and Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds have both taken part in a growing practice: turning over a blog on Friday to cat photographs.

"It brings people together," said Kevin Drum, who began the cat spotlight last year on his own blog, Calpundit ( "Both Atrios and Instapundit have done Friday catblogging. It goes to show you can agree on at least a few things."

Yes, let's agree goddamn cats suck. Dogblogging forever.


Anonymous Katya said...

Wally, when will you learn? The reason why naked apes photograph us is because we are so indifferent and disinterested in them. Sure, I'll interact with these naked apes, but only when I want to, and only when I want something.

That's why they love me so much.

11:58 AM  

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