Tuesday, August 23, 2005

on my high horse (or log)

Holy Wally!
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here i am playing king of the mountain at the park. sadly, no one wants to give me a polka-dotted jersey. yes, in spite of being four-legged and not two-wheeled, i'm a cycling fan, especially since this year's king of the mountain and i have the same last name (do dogs have last names? the vet thinks i do).

and speaking of le tour, this morning a French newspaper reported that an old wee sample of lance armstrong supposedly tested positive for epo (i've always thought it was weird that naked apes picked up my poo, but each other's wee? that's beyond weird.) the story sounds a bit dodgy since the lab can't confirm the wee was in fact produced by lance and he went on to win 6 more titles, and each time tested negative for epo.

now, i'm no big armstrong fan (i know, i know, inspirational story, amazing athlete, blah blah) but it seems like it's time to move on. maybe he was doping, maybe not. still an amazing athlete and making vague and unproveable (and also unrefutable) claims about some urine from six years ago seems like an unfortunate smear on armstrong and on a sport that may be in trouble post-lance.

if you want to complain about armstrong, though, this author has a good point. going for a joy ride with the president after criticizing the war and with all of the loaded symbolism of biking past a protest is problemmatic. but it is emblemmatic of lance's cycling career (is this is budding political career?). he's rather self-serving and often refuses to use his political/social/cycling capital to help anyone but himself. i know, i know, cancer awareness and research but i'm talking about his fellow cyclists.

it's a bit of a bummer that once again lance has overshadowed the rest of cycling including a victory by another american--this one with a funny name!

in conclusion, i would very much like a polka-dot collar and some epo on my dog food so i can keep up with mocha better. you're not going to save my wee are you?


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