Thursday, August 18, 2005

t.o. and other really important things

since everyone else in the philly area (and maybe the world) has been blathering nonstop on the t.o. situation i guess i'd better comment to give some wise guidance. frankly, i don't give that much of a damn. i do like football (especially super bowl snacks) and the nightly news footage of t.o. doing sit-ups on his law is hilarous but really now, it's not like he plays for the cornhuskers.

i'm also really damn sick of listening to blowhards expound on the meritocracy of american professional sports where if you work hard you can get ahead and live the american dream of being really rich and ogling cheerleaders close-up. but if a player happens to make the claim that his market value exceeds his current paycheck, he's a greedy bastard? let's face it--last year the beagles made it to the superbowl, they sold oodles more merchandise and the franchise upped its value. t.o., broken leg and all, had something to do with that. like a good capitalist, he realizes his exchange value has increased and he wants a little of that surplus. there are greedy bastards in sports but most of them couldn't score a touchdown if you invited them down from their skyboxes and offered to hold their fur coats.

it's not like i really care but please just sign him so the beagles are really good next year and so the local news can get back to covering what it does best--sensationalist crimes and car chases. also, i want to have another superbowl party with snacks. football snacks are the greatest.

ps. get better correll buckhalter. go big red!


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