Thursday, August 18, 2005

NOW you get it.

a new survey shows that most of the country doesn't like bush, just eight months AFTER the damn elections.

as they summarize in salon:

The president gets a net positive approval rating -- that is, a poll result in which more respondents approve of his job performance than disapprove -- in just 10 states: Idaho, Wyoming, Utah, Nebraska, Texas, Alabama, North Dakota, Montana, Oklahoma and Mississippi. In two other states -- Louisiana and North Carolina -- respondents are divided evenly on their president.

The other 38 states? Not so good for Bush. They don't approve of him just a little bit in Indiana and Alaska, and they don't like him much at all in Rhode Island, where respondents say they disapprove of the president's job performance by a margin of 68 to 29 percent. Rounding out the bottom five: Massachusetts, Vermont, Delaware and California.

If poll results equaled Electoral College votes, Bush would have about 75 of them right now. It takes 270 to win.

i'm quite disappointed in my adopted home state of nebraska (shout out to my granny!). i'd like to think that your catastrophic coaching changes and subsequent crap football team (seriously? 5-5?) are just karmic repayment for helping to inflict dubya on the rest of us. i still love my hooskers but really, nebraska, you can do better. also, that new tv show with tommy lee is awful. and i'm not known for my good taste. seriously, when the plagues of locusts come maybe you'll get it. i guess that's not really funny in a farming state.

on the brighter side, my new home state (the first state!) is adamantly anti-bush. seriously--orwell was right--four legs good, two legs bad. i pee on bushes. and coach callahans. that last part is me, not orwell.


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