Sunday, August 14, 2005

Burp Day!

Wally Eats Frosty Paws
Originally uploaded by cerasmus.
it's my burpday. some of you may recall i had a birthday in February, the date when i was adopted. It's actually my mawma's birthday but once I overheard my other naked ape refer to it as "our birthday" and I have taken it to heart. It's OUR burpday! here I am eating Frosty Paws for mawma's burpday after a refreshing morning at the park. my mawma is about four in dog years making her younger than me (probably). therefore, I'm her elder and she should stop trying to make me obey her. she's much better at obeying me when i ask for eggs for breakfast or frosty paws. good mawma!


Anonymous Katya said...

Happy birthd-
hey, is that a hand over there? What's that hand doing? Pet me! I command it!

1:57 AM  

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