Saturday, August 13, 2005

park party

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another successful weekend at the dog park. i don't know why you naked apes go along with the "work week." seems like a waste of time to me. anyway,it was HOT today so we didn't get to stay as long. i kept myself cool with a nice round of wading followed by rolling in the dirt followed by another round of wading. rinse and repeat. i was only occasionally interrupted by 1) a dog that had not been tutored so i tried to do it for him 2) a little bulldog puppy named oscar who was pestering my sister and 3) a yellow lab who really appreciated my safety lesson in staying out of the water. dogs always love it when i grab their tails. also, frodo--my guest--embarassed me by trying to catch and hump a great dane. he's such a size queen.

we'll get a picture of me swimming tomorrow, i swear.


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