Monday, August 08, 2005

another happy ending

and i must point out this happy story about my good friend gert, whom i've never met but she looks like great fun. good job finding some naked apes to call your own, gertie! chase that goddamn cat for me once!


Anonymous gertie said...

What is this doctrine of hate against cats, Wally? Cats are quite nice. As are rabits, squirrels, and chipmunks. I like chasing all! My people don't quite understand it all yet, and I haven't yet decided whether I'd play with or eat (if there is a difference) any such critter upon catching them. But I have learned that it is possible to co-exist with cats, who are utterly bening, if somewhat humorless. They do help me score some treats at times, and them being so slow to eat their own treats (if you know what I mean), all in all they are pretty good roommates. How about you an' Ethel adopt a kitty, eh?

P.S. My gun-nut human called the dog in Jane Eyre "Pistol" in his comments to the previous post, when the dog obviously is Pilot. Can't those bipeds read?

7:36 PM  
Blogger wally said...

gertie, naked apes will never understand that some things are done for pure joy rather than accomplishment. means without ends. see, some dogs (like my sister ethel) genuinely want to catch things. once she caught a bird. that wasn't good. but me, i like chasing things mostly because i get attention for it, because it feels good, and because i'm a dog. i wouldn't know what to do with something if i caught it. except flies. i do catch those sometimes and i play with them like a goddamn cat.

now, this is a deep dark secret but my hatred of cats? a bit of a front. i used to live with them in my rescue. and i've been known to exhibit a few feline behaviors myself (like sleeping on the back of the couch). but don't let it out, it would ruin my street cred. i think if i got a cat ethel would eat it.

9:20 AM  

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