Tuesday, July 26, 2005

what a pitty.

the city of denver has enacted a pretty harsh ban on pit bulls. while i understand that a disproportionate number of pit owners are jerks, putting them all to sleep seems a bit harsh. some of my best friends (shout out to blue!) are pits. blue lets my mawma take tennis balls out of her mouth and even lets me harass her (um, sorry about the mounting incident. ok, i'm not that sorry). yes, a pit bull in the hands of an irresponsible owner is dangerous but it just seems unfair to thousands of dogs to punish them for stupid human tricks. it's so sad that millions of dogs are put to sleep because no one wants them and now they're putting lots of wanted dogs to sleep. in other words, lots of dogs die because you naked apes can't get your act together. since you naked apes need laws to make you behave, why not make responsible dog ownership laws--like mandatory licensing and vaccination--and enforce them? also mandatory hourly snacks and belly rubs.


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