Thursday, June 30, 2005

goodnight morgan

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i've had lots of inquiries into my well-being because i've been awol for so long. i appreciate your concern. i've been a bit sad of late because i lost my best friend, morgan two months ago. she was 11, almost 12--this lovely picture of us is on her 11th birthday last year. i miss her a lot.

here are the things i miss the most:

1. our games of intrigue in which you steal my chewsnack while i steal yours.
2. you cleaning my ears. me cleaning your bowl.
3. you letting me pull your tail while you try to fetch.
4. roadtrips sharing the backseat.
5. herding you around the house.
6. protecting you from the noisy dogs at the park.
7. watching you fetch and swim.
8. you protecting me from myself at the park.
9. your nice big smile, even when i pulled your tail or stole your snack.
10. eating cinnabons on your birthday.

bye, morgan. we miss you!


Blogger mackintheknife said...

Farewell Morgan.

2:53 PM  

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