Thursday, April 14, 2005

no domestic dummies

my onkle eric was kind enough to send me "Clever Caninies" from the chronicle of higher education. i'm glad to see you eggheads are finally paying attention to we of higher intelligence. according to the article, previous claims that domestication made us dumber than our wolf anscestors are false, we're just hesitant to do tasks that naked apes have not told us to do. wolves dive in, we wait for permission or, better yet, for our naked ape companions to do it for us. that's not dumb, that's clever. indeed, we appear to have communication skills that may exceed even your primate cousins. i'm telling you, we canines don't get credit for our fine manipulation skills. thousands of years of domestication have taught us how to get what we want with minimal effort. one little wimper and my mawma is scampering to rub my belly, get me snacks, whatever. now that's higher intelligence.


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