Tuesday, April 05, 2005

not MY crazy mawma

as a small defense of my mawma, i'd like to respond to this comment posted in the salon tv reviewer's comments on bravo's new show 'showdog moms and dads' (a small editorial: not nearly as funny and interesting as it could be. want to find the real crazies? rescue dog moms and dads. i'm just saying.) anyway, here's the offending comment:

While we're on the subject, though, let me just make one thing clear: While all self-respecting, single women in their 30s fear becoming crazy cat ladies, i.e., women who live in filthy yet charmingly cluttered houses where everything is covered in a fine layer of downy soft cat hair, they should really fear becoming crazy dog ladies instead. Crazy dog ladies live in filthy houses that are not remotely charming, and their floors are not only covered with floaty bunches of dog hair, but also crowded with ripped-up corpses of stuffed animals, which crazy dog ladies refer to, tellingly, as "babies."

for the record, my mawma has never ONCE referred to my squeakies as babies. given that i pretend to hunt and kill them, that would be creepy.


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