Tuesday, August 16, 2005

cats. still can't trust 'em.

i always say--never trust a finicky eater. according to scientists (who never make mistakes), cats don't have the proteins necessary to taste sweets. no wonder they're cranky all the time.

oh, and earlier when i blogged that cats were named the most extreme killers i neglected to mention that one of the reasons is because they are a rare animal that kills FOR FUN, not for food or praise or any reason other than their own sadistic urges. sure, i feel for them that they will never know the joys of frosty paws or cinnabonbons but that's pretty sick. i've been known to mime killing my squeakies (including my george bush squeaky which doesn't squeak/scream nearly loud enough when i bite it) but i don't get my jollies doing the real thing.

also, when have you heard about a cat doing this for their naked ape?


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