Wednesday, August 17, 2005

gonzo goodbyes

hunter thompson is getting blasted out of a cannon soon. for better or worse, he really was a precursor to bloggers, making the observer a, if not the, central part of the story. just like my blog is all about ME (and occasionally about my dislike of goddamn cats). supposedly, "gonzo" is actually boston irish slang for the "winner" of a drinking marathon.

i find it odd that many of the mainstream news articles about thompson omit that the double-thumbed fist that was thompson's emblem omit the fact that the fist is gripping a peyote button. i guess that would interfere with the coverage of him as a semi-reputable journalist, eh?

completely unrelated, a guy in norway launched a 45-foot viking ship made of wooden ice cream sticks. and you thought dogs wasted time chasing their tails. i think the naked apes win the prize for senseless uses of time and resources.


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