Monday, August 22, 2005

dogs on display

while i tend to think we dogs belong in the art museum (dogs like me are truly a work of art, a natural wonder), the philadelphia academy of natural science is hosting a special exhibit called dogs: wolf, myth, hero & friend. unfortunately, it appears they discriminate against us and do not let in their heroes and friends!

they do have an awesome website where you can read about dogs. it's designed for kids and therefore does not include advanced information on catering to your dog's every whim but has some nice information on our evolution (or "intelligent design" if you prefer. but i refuse to believe anything intelligent would make goddamn cats. an evil genius, maybe. )

i came across this fun tool called dog-gone perfect that allows you to build the perfect dog for your particular task (herding, hunting, etc.) i'm REAL MAD that it appears you are unable to build THE perfect dog (me) with a big head, short legs and broad chest. i am perfectly suited for the taks for which i was made: begging for snacks, predator of squeakies, entertainer of naked apes.


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