Friday, May 04, 2007

How to Eat a Frosty Paw

As the weather has gotten warmer here has been much discussion of Frosty Paws, including by Sophie La Brador who has never even had one (what, are you from Canada or something?). So I thought I would give a lesson on How To Eat Frosty Paws (the key: as fast as possible).

And don't forget to pop over to Nanook's blog. He posted a recipe for Frosty Paws that sounds DELICIOUS, especially since actual FPs are ridiculously expensive (more than ape ice cream!)

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Blogger Oscar Airedale said...

I know, I was so pleased to see Nanook's recipes as Frosty Paws have yet to make it across the pond!

Oscar x

6:18 AM  
Blogger Suki said...

Wally, you are HILARIOUS! Are you chewing the container or did your ma ape take the frosty paws out? I can't tell, but it looks like you're chewing the plastic! Heehee!

Oh, and mom says that yes, they are ridiculously expensive and the check-out people always make fun of her for buying it.

Puggy kisses

7:15 AM  
Blogger Peanut said...

oh you eat those frosty paws well. I am going to check out nanooks blog right now. IT was our next stop after yours.

7:31 AM  
Blogger Nanook The Newfoundland said...

Thanks for the shout out Wally...I hope everyone likes the recipe as much as I do!

8:12 AM  
Blogger Dory and Liza said...

Excellent work there Wally - plus thanks for the heads up about Nanooks site.

I wanted to send Sophie some frosty paws (or maybe even drive som up to Canada) - by my human was being uncooperative!!!

Have a great weekend -

Love, Dory

9:33 AM  
Anonymous stoodleville said...

Hey Wally,

We have Frosty Paws in Canada, we just aren't going to sell all our cookies to have one. Mom's been making them for us for a couple of years now and we did a comparison taste once and decided to stick with the 'made with love' ones!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Wally,
What's the rush on eating the need to savor it, like I do. I just lick and lick...and usually get the container stuck on my nose--hee, hee, hee.

I can't wait to try the recipe Nanook posted. I think me and mom are going to make some this weekend. YUM!!

Lots of Licks - Ruby

11:47 AM  
Blogger Sophie Brador said...

Hey Wally, We're heading to the grocery right now to pick some up.

p.s. Mom found the camera .... there's something special for you waiting on my blog.

3:43 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

So did you get a brain freeze after the video Wally? Dad says we're going for ice cream again tonight! yahooooooooo

Love ya lots,

4:17 PM  
Blogger Joe Stains said...

holy crap, excellent work my friend. It took me like 20 minutes to eat that thing!

6:39 PM  
Blogger Kerrio said...

We make dog lollipops (popsicles for you dogs the other side of the puddle)for our dogs when it's hot... (lollipops for dogs to eat - not ones made of dogs I hasten to add).

Ours eat them veeeery sloooowly. Wally is obviously an expert!

I had not really appreciated how short Wally's legs were until I saw him on the video clip. You really need those stilts Wally! LOL.

2:33 AM  
Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Hmmm, just wondering. What's a frosty paw by the way? We don't have that in Malaysia...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

11:10 AM  

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