Wednesday, February 01, 2006

thank goodness

i'm so glad that representative roach of washington state has decided to tackle the greatest social problem of our time: bestiality. the law was inspired by an incident in which a man died while, um, expressing his love for a horse. at any rate it's about time that someone recognize this, the greatest threat to animals. i myself frequently worry about being sodomized while out on walks or becoming an internet web cam star against my will. seriously, this is clearly a much greater epidemic than the millions of homeless dogs and goddamn cats put to sleep each year. or the thousands of dogs physically abused or neglected. it's a darn tootin' good thing that the sexual abuse of an animal will now be a felony while you can leave your dog for dead outside, allow it to starve to death, or kick it around occasionally and recieve considerably less punishment and probably no jail time. thank goodness some one is addressing the real problem facing animals today.

project much, naked apes?


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