Wednesday, January 25, 2006

speaking of cliches...

espn's Michael Smith explains why the failure to fill any of the eight vacancies in the NFL with a minority is not simply racism. see, as he explains it it's because in the nfl it's a matter of who you know. so it's not racism in refusing to hire qualified minority candidates because they didn't hire qualified white guys either! gms generally hired their friends (or almost themselves, in the case of the buffalo bills). i would hope that anyone with a keen ear for gender/racial inequity would have a bullshit meter that goes off whenever someone explains that it's a matter of social networking, not deliberate exclusion. what a very old and tired excuse for a lack of equity. if the old boys' club is all white (and all boys!), it's racist. we dogs are notorious for our sense of smell but surely this smells rotten to you naked apes too?

my favorite nfl fact of the year is that the best coach in the nfl is a guy named lovie.

now, on to more important and pressing matters, the squeelers are favorites over the seasquawks! that's okay, michigan was picked to win by two tds over the hooskers, too. just as i would trust a dog's nose, i also trust our predictive skills. my sister ethel has predicted the seahawks will win by at least 476 touchdowns. i told her not to be silly and exaggerate. the squeelers are pretty good and will only lose by 476 points.

also funny, the governors of washington state and pennsylvania have made a bet on the outcome of the game. as a neighbor of pa i happen to know that governor rendell is an unashamed eagles fan (and former philly mayor) and he even appears on a weekly eagles wrap-up show. i smell a flip-flop!


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