Thursday, January 12, 2006

dog spots irony.

jonah goldberg's latest opinion piece in the washington examiner is called "the problem with feminism: narcissism." it begins as follows:

Let me just say up front this column contains a riot of conflicts of interest. My friend and colleague Kate O'Beirne has written a new book called "Women Who Make the World Worse." I think it's a great book and I truly would not say so if I thought otherwise. Also, O'Beirne praises my lovely wife as a woman who makes the world better - an opinion I could hardly quibble with save to say it's a grotesque understatement as far as I'm concerned.

he then goes on to detail his time as an undergrad at goucher college where he was man enough to not only befriend but to date feminists and from this he diagnoses the problems with feminists.

yes, it is feminists who have a problem with malignant self-love.


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