Monday, January 23, 2006

my xl weekend.

as you can see from my picture, i am recovering from my Very Good weekend. i've been a bit down in the dumps. my friend frodo suddenly left last week after staying at my house for the longest slumber party ever. and, because i hurt my back last month (long dog syndrome), i couldn't make my regular trips to the dog park. so times have been tough for ol' wally. but sunday i get lox for breakfast and then take a trip to the park and who is there but my Best Friend mocha, the screaming lab. i followed him in loving adoration, even when my little short legs could barely hold me up. THEN i go home and find that the new york times magazine (my typical sunday reading fare) has an article on animal personality (more on that later). i love reading about me and my fellow animals almost as much as you naked apes like talking about yourselves.

then, THEN my seattle seasquawks make it to the Stupor Bowl! for the first time EVER. now, i have to make a special address to my good friend mr. glenn (my most regular commenter!) and my onkel eric, both of whom have the misfortune of being squeelers fans. i have, up until yesterday, been supportive of your team and celebrated your awesome victory over the colts but those days are over. the trash can now be talked. and i have a mighty filthy mouth, you know.

*p.s. the title of this post is dedicated to one mr. jay who LOVES it every time sports commentators try to say something clever about this being the "extra large" stupor bowl. i might also add that this weekend i came to play. i just wanted it more.


Anonymous gmack said...

Look, the seachickens just can't win this. They don't know how to take it one game at a time and give it 110%. Not to mention the fact that the Steelers can play the respect card and have an extra large Jerome Bettis.

9:23 PM  

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