Monday, January 30, 2006

alternatives to the state of the union

1o+1 things i'll be doing instead of watching the state of the union address.

1. search petfinder for hot dogs.
2. scavenge the carpet for errant crumbs.
3. write the new network the cw with my program pitches (like: wally's guide to football, wally cooks eggs, wally's home makeover: the dog fur decoration edition and, well, you get the idea)
4. fall asleep counting recent repuglican indictments
5. write the irs to argue dogs should count as a deduction and children should be seen and herded
6. doga
7. greenies greenies!
8. writing my memoir, sending my mugshots to the smoking gun to save time.
9. trying to get my picture on salon's video dog.
10. writing crank letters to my granny's congressional representative addressing him as the honorable rep. fartinberry.
11. cruising dogster


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