Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Apes Strike Again

I blog a lot about myself and a lot about dogs. And I also blog a lot about the naked apes, mostly my exasperation with them. And I admit I'm having a bit of a tiff with the apes right now. I'm very sad about the Kentucky Derby and Eight Belles (left above), the horse who ran herself to death, like many horses do. Though we should be clear, she ran for her apes and was rewarded with a second place and a death on the track. I know you apes have a lot of responsibility, fancying yourself the top of the food chain and having reason and all that. I just wish you'd take it a little more seriously sometimes.

From the NYT:

There were 15 horses at 39 North American tracks who failed to finish a race Saturday. Nine of them were reported to have been so injured or unsound that they had to be vanned off the track in an equine ambulance. Although the official result charts published online by Daily Racing Form do not provide any veterinary commentary beyond “broke down,” “pulled up,” or “went wrong,” a gut feeling based on racetrack experience leads me to presume that some of those stricken animals met the same beyond-hope fate as Eight Belles, and required euthanasia.

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Blogger Dexter said...

Momma was so upset she couldn't even read the reports. She has been anti-horse racing for some time. Why do they do that to those magnificent animals?


5:16 PM  
Blogger Sophie Brador said...

This is just so sad, I can't stand it. And why do we stand for this? Horses are put through hell for this. It's really awful.


6:06 PM  
Blogger The Brat Pack said...

First I was so sad, then became really angry. It's riduculous and insane what is considered "sport". It's just heartbreaking...and don't get me started on the dog races.


8:03 PM  
Blogger Joe Stains said...


9:20 PM  
Blogger Patience-please said...

Hey, Wally. I'm upset too. (Like I slept all of three hours on Saturday and 4 hours Sunday.) But let me add a little perspective. This winter THREE of my (human) friends broke their ankles so badly that they had to have plates and screws put in and were in casts for months. One was shoveling his driveway, one was leaving the hospital in Christiana, where she is an anesthesiologist, and one was carrying in groceries. If they had been horses, all three of them would have had to be euthanized. People, dogs, and horses break legs. Sometimes at work, sometimes at play. Horses have to be put to sleep, because they can't recover. Yes it was horrific. Absolutely the stuff of nightmares. But horses do love to run. Racing in this country needs to make changes. And maybe Eight Belles death will help make those changes happen faster. The article you linked to was really good. As you know my son trains race horses. He loves his horses as much as I love my whippets. He really does.

hugs from the whippets' servant

12:17 AM  
Blogger Pippa said...

Horse racing? I don't think I will let mistress even think about commenting.

It would be a no vote by the way.


1:27 PM  

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