Monday, July 30, 2007

Thanks, Gramps!

My gramps must have KNOWN I needed a pick-me-up and so he sent me one! Oh my gramps is great. And he loves the things that I love--havarti cheese, leberwurst, and CORNHUSKER FOOTBALL. So my ma ape said that since the Tour is over we can get fired up for football season. And boy did we! As soon as I put on my PERSONALIZED jersey my sissy and I went NUTS

That's ME! Number 1. And here I am killin' the seal like a Husker kills the Buffaloes!

Look how excited I am--can you see my inner light shining through?!

I'm ready to rumble (and look at my impressive pile of toys in the corner!)

And here is what my gramps sent me. It's the piece of red paper that, in this picture, I have decided to plop down on top of to protect from prying eyes. I can't eat it, or shake it, or make it squeak but my ma ape says it will turn into MONEY! See, depending on how much the Hooskers beat their opponents by, I can win money. I don't understand it at all but I do understand money.

Money magically turns into FOOD.

So I read the note from my gramps which was written out to me. He picked out #72 for my sheet because that is the number of famous Husker Johnny Rodgers who could run fast and sneaky like me. I looked carefully at the magnet with the Hoosker schedule on it and dedicated it to memory. And then I started thinking of all the things I could buy with my Hoosker winnings.

1. A dog chariot for a dog to pull Cesar Wally around.
2. A BIG dog to pull my chariot, the mastiff to Newf range.
3. Raw meaty bones.
4. Pineapples.
5. More football jerseys.
6. Some havarti cheese for me and my gramps.

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Blogger Stanley said...


Very cool gramps. He seems to know his Wally Boy! (On a side note - how did he find a jersey that wasn't too long for your flipper-like legs, Mr. Corgador?)

I love the *action* shot of you hiding your letter from the prying eyes of your ma ape. More action shots please.

Your goober bud,

4:55 PM  
Blogger Grammie said...

Think of all the Wally Melon you could fly in from all over the world with the money you are going to win. Gramps loves you lots.
Maybe Pappy will have to get Peanut a Mariner jersey. It will have to have Raul with many U's on it.

5:22 PM  
Blogger nm said...


Your grampy loves you very much. My grandpa always tells to kiss me on my "goshes" thats turkish for eyebrows.

Maybe he needs to read your blog.



5:30 PM  
Blogger Suki Sumo said...

Hrm... Wally, do you think they make Gophers jerseys small enough to fit s pug pup like me? Although I'm pretty sure your team doesn't play mine. Mommy's not positive about that as she's not much of a football fan (blasphemy!).

5:55 PM  
Blogger Joe Stains said...

woaaah what an AWESOME present! I can't believe how good you look in that jersey!! If you get some money can you buy me one of those postage paid boxes to put the doofus in so I can send him to his girlfriend Lillie??

6:15 PM  
Blogger Jake of Florida said...

Wally, I wouldn't worry about the AKC not recognizing corgadors. We think it is a far better thing to stay under the radar and celebrate your uniqueness in your inimitable way. We know now of what we bark because we just spent some time reading some of your earlier posts. Our conclusion: You are truly the one the only inimitable corgador. Our folks don't share your Nebraska huskers nuttiness because they have their own St. Louis Cardinals nuttiness, but Mom did roar with laughter at your early posts and thinks your ma ape -- or is it your pa ape? -- is right on target!!

Jake and JH

6:21 PM  
Blogger Maggie said...

You look awesome in that red jersey Wally! I think I see that most of your toys are stuffies! My stuffies are getting trashed one by one by that nasty brother of mine!

Love ya lots,

6:27 PM  
Blogger Balboa & Mommy said...

WOW, you have an awesome grandpa. What a great gift, it fits you perfectly. I agree money means lots and lots of food and toys. WOOOHOOO.

Frenchie Snorts

6:30 PM  
Blogger Poppy said...

Oh Wally, I loooove your Hooskers jersey! I have an SF Giants jersey, but it's not cool and personalized like yours. I still like it though and I'll get to wear it when I go to the baseball game next weekend. Dog Days of Summer, woo hoo!!!

7:22 PM  
Blogger Peanut said...

I hope you win tons of money wally. Oh and maybe pappy will buy me a mariners jersey. You never know Pappy can be odd sometimes

7:26 PM  
Blogger Sophie Brador said...

Oh man, Wally. You are super sexy in your jersey.

8:15 PM  
Blogger Lorenza said...

Hi, Wally
You look very handsome in your new jersey. Your grampa is great!
Have a good night

9:44 PM  
Blogger Luckie Girl said...

Hey Wally,
That RED jersey looks really GOOD on you. I mean the length is just right!! :)
Have you considered being a model?

9:51 PM  
Blogger Ruby Bleu said...

Wally I think red is your color!!! Very handsome!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

10:31 PM  
Blogger FiveHappyHounds said...

I need a cold shower.



11:00 PM  
Blogger Princess, Tank and Isaac: The Newfs of Hazard said...

A jersey the color of Wallymelon (on the inside)! Now you can drip on your tunic and it wont show. Why are you rooting for Huskies? I guess there aren't enough Corgadors to make a team so you have to root for something.... Don't let the Ao4 find out. I think there's a Sibe-Husky rivalry thing happening.

12:00 AM  
Blogger Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh Wally, your inner light always shines through!

Love the shirt! Yes, red definitely is your colour......

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

4:07 AM  
Blogger Amber-Mae said...

That's a kewl jersey Wally! And it's got your name on it too! Wow! Your gramps really love you huh?

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

5:00 AM  
Blogger Ferndoggle said...

We're so ready for football! Steeler fooseball, of course. But I'm bummed because there's no more Bus & that was my twin.

I love that picture of you in a play bow. Really shows off your legs.


6:24 AM  
Blogger Tadpole said...

Whoa - PERSONALIZED, even!

You could buy a whole lotta wallymelon with those winnings....

2:37 PM  
Blogger Cubby said...

Cool jersey! And personalized, too!

3:01 PM  

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