Friday, May 25, 2007

Tag: 8 Things About Me

I got tagged by my friend Scubee the Wienerblab and we have to share 8 things about us that dogbloggers don't know. Whew! I'm going to split this into two posts and let my sissy go first. She has to 1) tell us 8 things about herself 2) tag 4 other bloggers (it's supposed to be 8 but that's 16 between the two of us!)

8 Things about ME (bye eThel.)

2. I also LovE tenniS Balls
3. I caught a DEERS

Ok, sorry. My sissy obviously does not understand the point of 8 things you DON'T already know about here. So here I go. 8 Things about my sissy Ethel that you may not know.

1. She is from Maryland. She came from near the place where the NYT treasonously revealed that the Rumsfelds n' Cheneys have summer homes. My sissy claims, though I have no independent verification of this, that she may have actually been the Rummy's dog and ran away at the first opportunity, thus how she ended up in the shelter. Before she left, though, she left nice stinky poos in his shoes, leading to his firing, er, resignation from the Cabinet after Condi complained at Cabinet meetings "Who smells like poo!"

2. Her favorite book is Skinny Legs and All by Tom Robbins. Not that she can read, she just thinks it's about her from the title. (I can TWO rEad! I erad your stoooopid blog and I wrote a pome for MaxyV!--Ethel.)

3. My sissy peed in the house the day after we brought her home when I started rampaging with my toys. She is no longer incontinent when she sees me having fun.

4. She has a really high-pitched funny bark that she does when excited. She also howls soprano if I am singing.

5. Her favorite TV shows are baseball, the Simpsons (she likes Santa's Little Helper), Man vs. Animal, Victoria Beckham's Unamed Reality Show, Sportscenter, Project Runway, America's Next Top Model. Anything with long-legged characters.

6. My sissy think she's a lapdog and if your naked apes were to ever meet her she would try to sit on them.

7. My sissy has been spayed TWICE. When she was at the shelter they opened her up and her bits were already gone! Hahahahahaha!

8. My sissy is so busy she can't be bothered to stop to potty so she walk-squats while she goes leaving a trail behind her.

Ethel is tagging MaxyV, Tadpole AND Tadpole's Mean Sis Fig, and Maggie.

eThel sez: SISSIES ARE NVER MEEN! Who hogs the good dogbed and doesnt let me play with the stuffees? NOT SISSY!

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Blogger Maggie said...

Ethel was opened up twice to be spayed??!! That's awful! Why didn't someone keep records on her - the poor girl!
I would assume you mean me Maggie and not Maggie #2, who just fell into the pool and is drenched and really shaken up, poor thing!

Love ya lots,

5:27 PM  
Blogger Joe Stains said...

oh boy ethel sounds like a handful. That is cool that she is from Maryland, I do hope she pooed in a LOT of shoes when she was there!

5:55 PM  
Blogger Maximillian the Valliant said...

You can sit on my lap Ethel!!


9:26 AM  

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