Monday, October 09, 2006

go beagles!

this weekend i watched lots of football including my favorite team (other than the seasquawks and tied with the bears)--the beagles!

here is one kind of beagle i like. his name is hank baskett and he likes catching footballs, beating cowboys, and moonwalking with donovan mcnabb. apparently these kind of beagles are allergic to something called "T.O." and it makes them boo very loudly and chant nonsensical things.

this is another kind of beagle that i like. they like blogging (judgin' from my dogosphere friends), chasing rabbits, and getting into mischief. they also like to bay very loudly but they are not quite as rude as the other kind of beagles. i don't know their names but i sure would like to sniff their butts.


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