Monday, October 09, 2006

weekend with the huskers

another good weekend for the cornhuskers. not so much for iowa state. they're wearing shirts that say "the golden rule: beat nebraska." i believe, guys, that the golden rule is actually to will as if one's will were universal (i. kant). dumb iowans. they're too dumb to read the damn germans they should be ignoring in the first place.

here my sister's favorite running back marlon lucky tells the cyclone "bad cyclone--STAY!" so he can get to the end zone. i hope he gave the cyclone a click and a treat for doing a good job letting him get by.

here some hooskers celebrate ANOTHER td. i prefer to celebrate with snacks rather than ramming my body into other bodies but hey, to each species their own.

this lady can't be a real nebraskan because all the nebraska ladies *I* know (mawma, granny, and mawma's granny) are geniuses. must be an iowan pretending to be a nebraskan. can't say i blame her.

sadly, i didn't take any pictures of the best part of the weekend which was my dinner of eggs and lox. and that is why i love football. we win, we celebrate by getting special snacks. we lose, we mourn by giving me special snacks. it's a win-win for wally.


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