Sunday, July 23, 2006

a worthy winner

i just wanted to congratulate floyd landis for winning le tour de france today. i got much more excited when i learned that he's a CORGI OWNER which certainly is a mark of a fine character (from the la times: A rustic wood table sits just outside the kitchen door. Beazdie and Boonie, the Landises' corgis, laze on the kitchen floor.)

also, for the second year in a row, congratuations to michael rasmussen (no relation, though we share the same skinny, tall frame so you might mistake us) for winning the prettiest jersey, the polka-dot jersey.

time for the august lull in sports where so i can rest and ready myself for hoosker football. to get myself fired up, here's a little trash talking to those goddamn wolverines (who, if we harken back to last december, are recent LOSERS to the hooskers!). their friendly coach got a one-eyed referee fired from the big 10. well done, lloyd carr!

go big red (and those owned by corgis!)


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