Saturday, December 24, 2005

my sister is faster than you.

this story explains why my sister (part greyhound, part shepherd, all spaz) is faster than you lazy naked apes:

LONDON - Greyhounds are such superb runners because of their sleek style and ability to tackle tight bends without slowing down, British researchers said on Wednesday.

Unlike humans who have to reduce speed at a banked curve to cope with the increased gravitational and centripetal forces on their legs, greyhounds attack a bend without changing their stride.

“Greyhounds can cope with high forces as they go around the bend whereas humans cannot and they have to slow down a lot,” said Dr. James Usherwood, a zoologist and animal motion specialist at the Royal Veterinary College in England.

Horses, hares and greyhounds have about the same top speed at roughly 17 meters a second or about 37 miles per hour, nearly double the pace of humans, according to Usherwood.

eat her dust slowpokes.


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