Thursday, December 22, 2005

i didn't do it

in spite of my love of penguins, and as much as i want want for christmas, i am not responsible for this. and who named the South African Jackass Penguin anyway?

LONDON, Dec. 22 -- Police ran down leads and the Royal Navy was on alert Thursday in the search for Toga, an 18-inch-tall baby penguin stolen from an Isle of Wight zoo Saturday night, creating a national soap opera rivaling Elton John's gay wedding for media coverage.
"We're all a bit ragged here, to say the least," said Kath Bright, manager of Amazon World Zoo Park, which has received nearly $13,000 in donations -- including $600 from the United States -- to offer as a reward for the safe return of the nine-pound South African Jackass Penguin.


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