Wednesday, December 07, 2005

credit where credit is due

i have to give some credit to the bush administration. they focused their video holiday greeting 'a very beazley christmas' around the only folks in the white house not currently under indictment (ie, on the "naughty" list). i'm talking about their dogs, of course. and barney and miss beazley, the presidential pooches prove themselves to be better actors than the first lady. of course, she's that stilted under the best of circumstances so i should cut her some slack. so, i will put this on the list of things they've done correctly while in office (the other things on the list: purchasing miss beazley and not barfing on the japanese prime minister).

the best part of the video, of course, is that the president reminds the dogs to remember the spirit of the holidays and the first lady wishes everyone a joyful holiday season with nary a mention of the reason for the season. someone's going to get a spanking from bill o'reilly and friends!


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