Saturday, August 20, 2011

Of Birthdays Major and Minor

Edgrr has been blowing up our twitter telling everyone that it is his burpday when his burpday, in fact, is not until August 21st, Sunday.  He is SO EXCITED because he's never gotten to have a burpday before.  Fortunately we were able to ease him into it with a pre-Edgrr burpday celebration of our ape being one year closer to decrepitude.  The ape made this peachy cake but it was so good she didn't have time to take pictures before it was nommed into oblivion.

We got her some things we KNEW she would love!  Our beautiful smiling faces and, you can kind of see in this picture--RAIN! She needed it for her plants that GranNE planted for her and she gets so tired hauling the hose all over the yard for the waterings.

We did have some help in procuring the rain, however, from The Other Ape who got our ape these awesome waterproofs sandals!  Surely that coaxed the rain out of hidings!  And then ma ape, Theo's ape and The Other Ape went to a documentary called Rise of the Planet of the Apes!  An chimpocracy, orangetangery and gorilla tactics is maybe just what this country needs!

We also did some funny stuffs for our ape.  Wheeeee!  Roly poly Potus.

Ed played with his Otis doll.

And then we opened our card from GranNE!  She sent us some of the green stuff, surely to buy us party supplies for Ed's burpday!  Thank you so much GranNE!  The card said "You don't have that old person smell yet."  Aw, it was nice of you to lie to the ma ape, GranNE!

Then we made our ape happy by doing hippo impressions and eating i screams.

Ed ate so fast all his pictures came out blurry.

Oscar's eyes crossed.

And Ethel ate ever so delicately.

And then our friend Theo's Ape gave our ape THIS!  It is Wally as a Foo dog!  She has always thought Wally looked like a Foo Dog!  Foo Dogs are actually guardian lions and now we have Wally Foo to protect us from evil.

If this is how we celebrate a minor burpday like our Ma Ape's imagine the blow out we're gonna have for Ed's!  Look out world!

ETA:  We totally forget the BEST part!  CHEESEBURGERS FOR JOE STAINS!  The Other Ape brought us burgers for our regular Joe Stains remembrance!

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Blogger tula monstah said...

Holy smokes..CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES COMEON!. i'm coming ovah to live with woo guys!!!! umm.. edgrr.. fur your burpday.. woo might want to stand on a table so they don't furget woo.

just sayin.

and I'm hungry like the wooooolllllf.

happy burpday to your ape!!

9:30 AM  
Blogger pam said...

HEY how comes in that movin picture show Edgrrrrr didn't never get no hamburger till a minute 12???

Is this some kinda Corgi discrimination stuffs???

Bobo and Meja

Happy Birthday Ape and Ed

10:24 AM  
Blogger Kari in Alaska said...

we will stay away from Twitter tomorrow, thats for sure


12:04 PM  
Blogger ForPetsSake said...

What fun! I do love those cool sandals - very cute. But no shoes are as cute as those crossed eyeballers ;)

10:38 PM  
Blogger Dexter said...

Woo hoo! The party never stops. Hey, does your Ma Ape know her rain shoes have holes in them? Not thinking that is going to work out too well.


7:15 PM  

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