Saturday, October 02, 2010

SPCA Saturday (the Long Overdue Edition!)

This is Edgrr and I'm a bit peeved that there have not been SPCA Saturdays for awhile. And the ape has blamed ME because "puppies are time consuming." WEVS APE, UR LA-Z! (For the olds, that's youngin' talk). She's been going to SEE the dogs but not posting them! So here are some to catch up on.

Emma! Ya, her ears go in two different directions. Mine go in one. I like her look. She likes peoples a LOT.

Yo Sadie! She is not yet for adopteration because she was a cruelty case. She had babies at the SPCA! And she was a good mama and all her babies found homes. We hope she can find a good home too. Our ma ape sez she's a sweet pea.

Coooooooody! He's a slightly older dude who mostly likes maxing and relaxing.

And this pupster GOT ADOPTED. Because youngins RULE. Also, she is tearing up a mailman stuffy! GRRRRR.

This dude is not yet for adopteration either because he is getting better from the hearts worms. He has a labrador body and an American boo dog head. He is an American Labulldor Retriever. You know my ma ape and those big square heads. Sigh. You know she was kissing that thing.

And this is Wiggly Wrigley! (Cubs fan fo sho).

And Gregg--now in three Gs!

And do you remember this guy? He's Barack! He's Barackin' the SPCA.

And....hey! Got sheppy?

It's a shep with pep! Her owner died and they're trying to find her sons to see if they might want the shep, papillon and kind of mean parrot their mom had. If not, she will make someone an AWESOME friend.

This girl was so afraid in the cage but was sweet outside and it was hard for the ma ape to leave her behind. And I said HEY! That was MY SCAM, lady! Here's hoping y'all find wonderful homes ASAP! And I hope you olds reading this were hip enough to grog my youthful lingo!


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Blogger Dexter said...

Yes, indeed, long overdue and great to see all those fuzzy faces. Here's hoping they find homes, but my heart goes out especially to the shep whose human died. That is sad.


8:38 PM  
Blogger NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

All that Mango pawed is khorrekht -

Sad fur the poor Shep with Pep


8:55 PM  
Blogger Kari in Alaska said...

Oh wow its been a while but we sure do love seeing those puppy faces!


10:17 PM  

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