Tuesday, December 05, 2006

does valtrex cure fettucine?

this story has nothing to do with dogs but it is about food and it makes fun of naked apes--and british* naked apes at that--so i had to blog about it:

LONDON, Dec 1 (Reuters Life!) - Nearly two-thirds of Britons think the fiery Italian sauce Arrabiata is a sex infection, according to a survey on Friday.

"What is very worrying is the lack of knowledge about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) revealed in the survey," said sex therapist Emily Dubberley.

"Sixty-three percent in the UK thought an Italian sauce was an STD and over 43 percent couldn't identify any of the common sexual complaints we asked about.

*an inquiring mind asked about my beef with the british. it's not so complex. i am part corgi and corgis are welsh and the british have occupied wales for a long time. in addition, the royal family are notorious enthusiasts for corgis but their tendency to spoil said corgwyn has led to bad behavior which, coupled with general bad vibes for the royals, has led to a bad rep for my cousins the corgis. i have no beef with british dogs be they bulldogs, labradors or sussex spaniels. here's a quiz about dogs from the guardian to show my goodwill.


Blogger Joe Stains said...

my mom just read about that sauce in a magazine the other day! at least she is smarter than those brits!

6:28 PM  
Blogger wally said...


i wouldn't mind catching a mild case of arrabiata! your ma should infect you with a bowl full of it! (no doofuses allowed)


7:44 PM  

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