Monday, September 04, 2006

the mighty hedgehog

pro-hedgehog activists have taken on mcdonalds. and won:

LONDON, England (Reuters) -- Hedgehogs have finally humbled burger giant McDonald's after years of campaigning, forcing the company to redesign its killer McFlurry ice-cream containers. Up to now the opening in the container has been large enough for hedgehogs to get their heads into for a lick of the left-over dessert -- a trap they have then been unable to withdraw from, so dying of starvation in untold numbers. But from September 1, the wide-mouthed opening in the lid of the McFlurry containers will be reduced in size, making them too small for the sugar-loving animals to get their heads into. "This is excellent, it is long overdue news," said Fay Vass, chief executive of the British Hedgehog Preservation Society. "We have been in touch with McDonald's about this problem for over five years and are delighted that they have at last solved the problem." McDonald's said in a statement the design change had resulted from pressure from the society, which prompted "significant research and design testing" to develop new packaging. "The smaller aperture of the lid has been designed to prevent hedgehogs from entering the McFlurry container in the unfortunate incidence that a lid is littered and is then accessible to wildlife," it added.

i can't say i wouldn't eat at mcdonald's because, frankly, i'll eat anything. (hey, i was homeless. i'm not above a little garbage cruising. and dumpster diving is not so far removed from eating at mcdonald's) but still, well done hedgehogs. as penance i think they should be forced to provide lifelong supplies of mcflurries to hedgehogs. and dogs, for good measure.


Blogger Tin Tin Blogdog said...


I read that too.

And I was thinkin': wtf is a McFlurry?

And then I was thinkin': I'm sooo not involved in the eating sub-culture.

How come HEDGEHOGS are into fast food?

And my mum goes to McDonalds probably once a year, at most. (See, I even had to check there if it's Mac or Mc.) And never with me, needless to woof.

Oh, and the food is NEVER fast enough in this place.

Just sayin'.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

11:27 AM  
Blogger wally said...

we'd better investigate this mcflurry business. if only the food was as fast as i ate it.


11:13 AM  

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