Wednesday, September 06, 2006

canine counsel

the new york times is reporting on a new trend, lawyers for pets!

But in recent years, as pet owners have struggled to negotiate pet ownership in modern life, and as society has grappled with questions of the value and status of its domesticated animals, animal law has become a growing specialty in the legal world. A decade ago only a few law schools taught animal law. Today 70 do, including Harvard, Columbia and Duke. In fall 2004 the American Bar Association formed its first committee on animal law, which many say legitimized the discipline.

“The rate of growth in this field is incredible,” said Stephen Wells, the executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund in Cotati, Calif. “A lot of the scoffing and raising eyebrows I saw when I started in animal law has gone away.”

The rise of animal law — which includes dog bites, custody battles, pet trusts and veterinary malpractice — has divided traditional pet advocates. Many veterinarians, for example, fear that pet lawyers could become the animal-world equivalent of medical malpractice lawyers, reaping large jury awards and contributing to a rise in malpractice insurance costs. The American Veterinary Medical Association formed a task force on animal law last year and came out squarely against redefining the legal status of pets.

this trend is great news for me! i've been regularly lodging complaints with the SPCA about my appalling lack of quality snacks, the brevity of my walks, and unthinkable limits to my freedom like when my mawma won't let me harass our poodle neighbor through the fence. but for some reason they never return my calls. with a lawyer i'm sure i could negotiate for a more favorable contract. and could threaten the vet with litigation if he keeps putting things in my bum without my consent. sure you're taking my temperature, pervert.


Blogger Sid the Dog said...

Get this, Oppressor J's parents were originally supposed to be my Oppressors but they decided after a week that I was "too high strung." Crazy, if I was strung any lower people would trip over me.
Have fun,
Sid the Dog

11:11 PM  
Blogger wally said...


i'm assuming you were very good at selecting your chosen naked apes (hee-oppressors) and behaving accordingly. at my rescue i was horribly meek and would roll onto my back whenver a naked ape would approach. i even let a dog pee on me once. now i rule the roost. machiavelli has nothin' on our strategizing abilities. well done, sid.

1:00 PM  

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