Sunday, August 27, 2006

guest blog: ethel's take

while wally is visiting the vet to get his antibiotics (ie, wimpy pills) i thought i would correct the record on what happened in the yard. wally's blog yesterday morning could not have been more inaccurate. see, here's what happened. we ran outside and wally was, as usual, really scared and so he got the facts all wrong. it was not a groundhog but a cheetah and i had to chase it down. it was a good 2-3 mile chase at speeds approaching 200 mph, i think. i think wally bit his own lip and got terrified and was crying like a baby. i had to protect him. so i chased down the cheetah to tell him to lay off my brother, i brought him down. he was quite shocked, being the fastest animal, to meet his match. so i let him go to go share the legend of ethel, the fastest dog on earth. and that's what happened. don't trust wally. he exaggerates all the time.


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