Saturday, September 09, 2006

date bait dogs?

my good friend rene (owned by my pals narra, buko, and jacks) sent me this link that claims to tell you the best breeds for "date bait."

the list:

Top Ten Dog Breeds that are Date Bait
by Deborah Wood

1. Golden Retriever – Friendly happy dogs with beautiful coats
2. Scruffy Terrier Mix – Small terriers can be some of the cutest dogs in the world.
3. Collie – “Lassie”
4. Afghan Hound – Elegant “Wow” Dogs
5. Labrador Retriever – Most Lovable
6. Pug – Friendly, Happy Comical Dogs
7. Saint Bernard – Big, sweet, lovable stuff animal
8. Tiny Dogs with Big Dog confidence – Confidence attracts
9. Beagle – Just a plain ol’ friendly face
10. Old English Sheepdog – Funny, furry dog which has to be hugged.

Top Five Worst Date Bait Breeds

1. Pit Bull
2. Rottweiler
3. Yapping little dogs
4. Dogs with elaborate hairdos
5. Chinese Crested - Consistant Winner of the Ugliest Dog Contest

all i have to say is--completely false. the biggest chick magnets i've ever known were pit bulls. stanley the pit (stay away from my mawma, stanley!) in chicago is always meetin' ladies at the bar and blue the energetic pit bull from the park could really draw attention because she was hilarious (such an attention getter that i had to periodically put her in her place. no stealing attention from wally.). collies? yawn. goldens? yawn. gorgis? yes. chinese crested? wouldn't they make a good conversation piece? and this doesn't really take into consideration the kind of person attracted by the respective dogs.

the worst date bait? i think this may surprise you but i'd say the corgador. because you have to know that once the naked ape of your desires has met a corgador you could never possibly compete. you'd always be second best, left to carry the poo bags and to sleep on the couch to make room in the bed for the alpha dog.


Blogger Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Moomy is ALWAYS having cute guys walk up to talk to her and pet me when she takes me places. I think she rather enjoys all the attention I draw!

And don't tell her - but daddy calls me his chick magnet and sneaks me to the beach with him so he can get a good look when they bend over to pet me! hahahahaha

Bussie Kissies

9:43 AM  
Blogger wally said...

you are a pretty handsome guy, buster. i'm a total chick magnet because i have a sad old man face. i'm a sexist pig, though, and i don't like men around my mawma. i'm her main squeeze and i'm not gonna let her forget it.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Kaluah-lu said...

Hmm... I'm what you call a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I take great issue with the author of that list. The term pit bull is unfortunately, a dog bred for that purpose. Pit Bull carries with it a negative connotation. Frankly, it is the diversity of the human breed that should be addressed. All one has to do is watch the 11:00 news to understand that humans wrestle with their own violent tendencies. When humans have lower expectations for themselves, obviously they have lower expectations for their dogs. As a graduate of dog school, summa cum laude, I can attest to the well-defined signature of my breed. Intelligent rapport, fairness, and consistent discipline create a loyal and loving dog, no matter the breed.

2:31 PM  
Blogger wally said...

i suppose am staffs/staffordshires would be good date sorting tools. anyone who wouldn't date you cuz of your amstaff? probably not worth getting to know anyway.

sometimes we've just got to cut the naked apes some slack, they're a little slow.

4:09 PM  
Blogger Nuggy's Mum said...

Beagles #9 - I think we rate higher than that!

6:26 PM  
Blogger Sunshade said...

Hey Wally, I think you are a great date bait dog personally! Plus I'm sure all the canine ladies are always oooing and ahhing after you LOL!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

2:44 AM  
Blogger Sid the Dog said...

I am puzzled by the lack of Australian breeds on the list. We ACD-types are tenacious, reasonably monogamous, intelligent, and you know what they say about dogs with spots...
I also live in a city that has unfortunately opted for the sanctioned racism of banning Staffordshire Bull Terriers, an act that I cannot condone. Why are they targeting the entire breed, law-abiding dog citizens included, when we all know that it is the owners of some of these dogs who are at fault? Sigh... Simple minds at work.

8:23 AM  
Blogger wally said...

what can i say? ladies love a bad boy.
when is someone going to write a story about how the darn naked apes are always cramping OUR style? the leash is really not a good look for me. and acting all embarassed when i sniff other dogs' bums? oh please.


6:13 PM  
Blogger MJ's doghouse said...

I just want you to know that I am a pittbull/lab...and everyone loves me ...after they get past the whole KILLER PITTBULL...MYTH..SO I want to thankyou for that list...why are people so dorky....I am a love machine

1:43 AM  

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