Sunday, September 17, 2006

the battle of the century (photo essay)

last night my nebraska hooskers played the university of spoiled children used condoms (hey, a usc fan mentioned their unfortunate name to me. i wouldn't stoop so low) . this is my photo essay of the game, from rapt attention to dejected sadness. it wasn't bad for a "rebuilding " husker team but featured some of the worst coaching ever. seriously, bill callahan must have been getting advice from goddamn cats or something. here i am watching the hoosker game with rapt attention. the fake punt play goes off brilliantly! a tricky treat!

the hooskers pull ahead 3-0. tasty.

my sister ethel loves her some cornhuskers, too. she is a fan of their speedy running back marlon lucky. she is worried about coaching decisions, though.

ethel pins her ears back when she worries. here she worries as the trojans go into the half up by 18 (huskers still beating the spread)!

i can't watch anymore, except to see the hoosker's td!

dejected sadness. the hoosker's number one fan must rest and recover for tomorrow the eagles play the giants. i will find solace in the fact that notre dame AND two florida teams lost.


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