Monday, April 24, 2006

life in the slow lane

i recently joined the slow living movement, not necessarily by choice. it seems my heart is a flutter, with age more than with love (though I am awfully fond of myself). so, i'm retired from the dog park which will probably devolve into a nasty and brutish place without me to keep the other dogs in line. now i spend my weekends taking leisurely constitutionals with my mawma around the park. halfway through our walk i get a bully stick for my efforts and we watch the dogs play from a safe distance across the lake. it's not a bad life for an old dog.

here i am with the budweiser clydesdales (seriously) who spend the off-season at the equestrian center in my park. frankly, i prefer spuds mackenzie as a beer pitchman (though I hear rumors spuds was of the female persuasion) but the horses aren't bad and they make some new powerful stinky smells for me to enjoy.

it's a dog's life.


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